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High Priority Stuff

The intention of this page is to serve as a location for pointing developers to areas where work is most needed.

Work to Be Done

  • Reimplement CoreCrypto. CoreCrypto's source code is publicly available, but its license prevents us from using it for Darling. Luckily, it's not that difficult! Some work has already been done. Having CoreCrypto will also enable us to build a recent version of CommonCrypto.


More details to be added.


  • Implement missing APIs - many things in xpc_dictionary are missing
  • xpc_main should access the calling application's bundle and automatically listen as the defined XPCService.
    • This is a little tricky, because libxpc may not use CoreFoundation to parse the Info.plist (at least not directly). It should use _NSGetExecutablePath() and xpc_create_from_plist().


  • Implement NSXPC classes that wrap libxpc.


  • Implement CoreAudio.framework as the core place for platform audio abstraction (PulseAudio, ALSA, …).
  • Modify existing AudioUnit code to use CoreAudio instead of accessing PA/ALSA directly.
  • Implement AUGraph and AudioQueue utility APIs.


  • Implement LaunchServices APIs for applications and file type mappings, backed by a database.
  • Implement UTI (Uniform Type Identifiers) API, also backed by a database.
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